TPM3D Products

TPM3D specialized in SLS 3D printing technology, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and services.
The main products are SLS laser sintering 3D printer and auxiliary equipment, and reusability 3D printing powder.

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P Series SLS Printer

P-Series is a new-generation of additive manufacturing system for Asian customers, featuring with high reliability, cost-effective performance and high printing speed.

3DP Auxiliaries

TPM3D Auxiliaries can make the parts post-processing much easier.

3DP Materials

TPM3D Precimid Pro series high reusability powder can use for different industrial applications.

SLS 3D Printer/TPM3D P550DL

3D Printing Industry Applications
According to the application needs of different industries, TPM3D has successfully developed S-Series and P-Series SLS additive manufacturing systems, and has accumulated a number of national patents. It is committed to providing safe, reliable, efficient and environment-friendly 3D printing intelligent manufacturing solutions for customers in industrial and educational fields such as medical treatment, automobile, consumer goods, electronics, aerospace and so on. Learn more
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Printing Service
TPM3D Printer´s build chamber from 150mm*150mm to 800mm*800mm,And has a variety of materials, can meet the needs of automotive medical, hand, consumer electronics, education and aerospace and other fields.
Business Partners

Since 1999, TPM3D is specialized in R&D and production of laser-sintered additives.