New Win | TPM3D Delivered 10 SLS 3D Printers

Publication time:2021-08-26 16:55:32


    Rapid prototype manufacturing and testing are essential to the design and development of new products. In recent years, with the development and maturity of 3D printing technologies, the 3D printing service industry has been developing rapidly. In this context, Leader Star, a professional service bureau manufacturer which owns hundreds of industrial-grade 3D printers, has shifted its attention to SLS 3D printing technology, and seen SLS hand-board processing as a new engine for business growth. Following the purchase of  two P360 laser sintering system from TPM3D at the beginning of 2021, Leader Star has purchased another 8 nylon 3D printers in two installments, including 2 P360, two P550 and 6 Parts & Powder Processing Stations (PPS), which mainly adopt the following materials of TPM3D, Precimid 1172Pro (white nylon 12), Precimid 1172Pro BLK (black nylon 12) and Precimid 1172Pro GF30 BLK (black glass reinforced nylon 12), to better meet its demands for printing service orders.

leader star

leader star


Leader Star’s factory

Mr. Liu Kun, head of Leader Star, said: “TPM3D’s laser sintering equipment is stable and reliable in printing, and has excellent performance in production efficiency and operation cost. In addition, the supporting PPS can effectively reduce the costs of supporting equipment and manpower, and keep the working environment safe and clean. In general, we are very satisfied with both the software and the hardware of TPM3D.”

leader star

Unlike customers in other industries, 3D printing service bureaus not only pay attention to the stability and printing quality of the equipment, but also attach great importance to printing efficiency, operating cost, safety, ease of use, and return on investment, which puts forward higher requirements for the comprehensive performance indexes and cost performance of 3D printing equipment. Therefore, the fact that leading manufacturers in the industry, including Leader Star, Dongguan Fohan and Nanjing Superior, choose TPM3D as their supplier of SLS 3D printers not only reflects the users’ trust in the quality of TPM3D, but also proves once again the excellent competitiveness of TPM3D’s products and the company’s outstanding technical capability.

In the future, TPM3D will continue to focus on SLS, wholeheartedly serve the customers, improve quality and blaze new trails so as to contribute to the development of the 3D printing industry.