TPM3D first participate Formnext 2023 showcase SLS AM solutions

Publication time:2023-10-26 17:41:17

TPM3D first participate Formnext 2023 showcase SLS AM solutions



Formnext, the leading trade fair for additive manufacturing and 3D printing, is an annual event that brings together industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts fro m around the world. The event serves as a platform for showcasing the latest innovations, technologies, and solutions in the field of additive manufacturing. One of the key highlights of Formnext is the introduction of new 3D printing technologies, such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).



One of the key manufacturer in industrial 3D printing system, TPM3D is set to showcase their latest innovation in SLS 3D printing. TPM3D offers a comprehensive range of SLS 3D printers and services to cater to diverse industry needs. Their focus on large size SLS 3D printing solutions has garnered attention fro m industry leaders and professionals.

TPM3D's large size SLS 3D printing solution is designed to address the growing demand for manufacturing large-scale, complex parts. This technology enables the production of functional prototypes, end-use parts, and tooling with exceptional precision, surface quality, and mechanical properties. The use of high-performance materials, such as nylon, TPU, PP,ect, further enhances the strength and durability of the printed parts.


Visit TPM3D at Formnext

If you are attending Formnext, make sure to visit TPM3D's booth in Hall 11.0, D61. This is an excellent opportunity to witness firsthand the cutting-edge advancements in SLS 3D printing technology. TPM3D's experts will be available to provide detailed insights, demonstrate the capabilities of their large size SLS 3D printers



See you at Booth 11.0-D61, Messe Frankfurt, Germany, November 7-10,2023 !





Meet us at Formnext 2023( November 7-10,Frankfurt,Germany) in Hall 11.0 — D61 and experience our latest laser sintering additive manufacturing technology and large size 3D printing solution.