Publication time:2023-09-21 16:36:53


TCT Asia 2023 concluded successfully on September 14th at Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, attracting the attention of numerous domestic and international visitors with TPM3D's unique booth design and the display of new equipment and exhibits. Let's now review the highlights of TPM3D's booth at the exhibition.


1. Eye-catching Economic SLS 3D Printer – TPM3D E360

Based on the application needs and practical challenges faced by users, TPM3D has devoted years of research and development to launch an economic industrial SLS 3D printer—— E360, suitable for small and medium-sized customers. It made its debut at TCT Asia 2023, attracting a large number of visitors to exchange ideas and discuss the printer's capabilities. The E360 is specifically designed for small and medium-sized customers, as well as cost-conscious users. Its equipment cost is significantly lower than other industrial-grade SLS 3D printers, while the surface finish and material mechanical performance of the printed parts can rival those of the best-selling P360 printer. The E360 offers a high return on investment, and visitors from small and medium-sized customers were greatly interested, eagerly anticipating further discussions and potential collaborations after the exhibition.


2. P550DL Large-format Dual Laser Printing Equipment

With the increasing demand for large-format printing, TPM3D developed and delivered two models of large scale dual laser printing equipment last year, receiving unanimous praise from users both at home and abroad. In order to enable more users to have a deeper understanding of our large scale printing equipment, TPM3D showcased the P550DL at TCT Asia 2023. Its impressive size made it a standout presence at the exhibition, attracting visitors to stop by. With a molding chamber size of 550X550X850mm, dual high-power lasers, and a dual digital dynamic focusing system, the P550DL increases production efficiency by over 45%. It is the preferred choice for industries such as aviation, automotive, appliances, footwear, and prototyping.


3. New Applications, New Display

In addition to manufacturing equipment, TPM3D has been actively conducting research and exploration in 3D printing applications, developing new materials and exploring new applications in industries such as automotive, medical, and consumer goods. New printed samples were displayed at the booth to showcase the advancements.


With the conclusion of TCT Asia 2023, our journey continues as we prepare to attend Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt, Germany. See you on November 7th!