3DP in Medical Ⅰ TPM3D will showcase at Bright MD Fair China • Hong Kong

Publication time:2023-06-16 16:41:13

TPM3D is a professional manufacturer and service provider of industrial SLS laser sintering additive manufacturing technology. We will bring a series of SLS 3D printed medical products and the latest product and application information to showcase their advantages and practical results in SLS 3D printing technology's medical field applications to audiences from Southeast Asia.

They sincerely invite all visitors to come to our booth (3G26) for face-to-face negotiations and exchanges.

TPM3D has cooperated with Zhongshan Chen Xinghai Hospital and Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Transformation Research Institute to establish a "Digitalized Application Center for 3D Printing Healthcare," which has accumulated rich experience in rehabilitation medicine, orthopedics, etc., successfully developing dozens of matured three-dimensional printed rehabilitation products and orthotic devices. The center provides services such as rehabilitation science departments including pediatric care department; neurology department; tumor department aiming at providing personalized healthcare solutions customized according to patients' needs through advanced SLS three-dimensional printing technology that reduces treatment time while improving treatment effectiveness.



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