2023: TPM3D steps into a period of accelerated development

Publication time:2023-07-26 15:46:15


Recently, the 2023 TPM3D mid-year meeting was successfully concluded. We have analyzed and summarized the overall operation in the first half of the year from company development, marketing, product development, to financial data. And formulated a work plan for the second half of the year.


 1、Overall business growth: In the first half of 2023,TPM3D's equipment, consumables, and service businesses achieved overall growth compared with the same period in 2022, completed the progress of digital medical and industry application development planned, the company has entered the stage of accelerated development.


 2、Overseas expansion has achieved initial results: Since 2022, TPM3D has started to expand overseas markets. In less than a year, TPM3D's brand has been recognized by more users around the world through the promotion and publicity of various channels and platforms. Overseas business grew rapidly. In the first half of the year, the installation of several projects was completed, which won unanimous praise from international customers.


 3、Accelerate the R&D, expand the production capacity and complete the overseas layout In the second half of the year: According to the application pain points, TPM3D will continue to increase R&D investment. While developing new products, existing equipment will be upgraded and improved. In the second half of this year, new equipment and materials will be launched to expand and improve the SLS 3D printing product line. Equipment capacity will be expanded to achieve the company's annual sales target. In terms of marketing, it will further improve the layout and promotion of overseas markets.


This meeting allowed all TPM3D employees to understand the direction and goals of the company's development, enhanced team cohesion, and gave us the confidence to meet new opportunities and challenges and create a more brilliant future!