PA11 PA11 Black PA12 GF30 BLK TPU 92A
TPU Precimid1130 92A


Softness、 Elastic material

Impact resistance

Good vibration damping performance

High reusability

Heat resistance

Mildew resistance and water resistance


Seal washers

Automobile vibration damping parts and buffer isolation

Soft protectors

Sports insoles

Scenes requiring high surface ductility

Physical Properties Test Method  Metric
Bulk Density ASTM D1505 0.457g/cm³
Part bed powder density ASTM D1895 0.6g/cm³
Part color Visual White
Part Gravity ISO 1183 1.2g/cm³
Water Absorption 23℃,24h <0.5%
Shore Hardness A ISO 868 88
Flexural Modulus 20℃ ISO 6721-1 72 MPa
Flexural Modulus60℃ ISO 6721-1 27 MPa
Tensile Strenght (x-direction) DIN 53504 20 MPa
Elongation (x-direction) DIN 53504 267%
Abrasion Resistance ISO 4649 31 m
Compression Stength (x-direction) ISO 604 33 MPa
Compression Modulus (x-direction) ISO 604 15 MPa
Vicat-softening Temperature VST A ISO 306 90℃
Melting Temperature ISO 11357 160℃
Powder Properties X10 Laser diff. 20 μm
Powder Properties X50 Laser diff. 50 μm
Powder Properties X90 Laser diff. 105 μm