【3DP and Healthcare】Customized SLS Digital Rehabilitation Medical Products

Publication time:2023-05-22 09:02:05

As precision medicine and digital healthcare concepts continue to develop, the application of 3D printing technology in the medical field is constantly expanding and deepening. The laser sintering 3D printing technology for digital rehabilitation aids has unique advantages such as precise manufacturing, lightweight and breathable, and ideal effects. It has been increasingly chosen by more and more orthopedic and rehabilitation patients.


As a well-known manufacturer of laser sintering equipment, TPM3D is also actively promoting the application of 3D printing technology in the field of digital rehabilitation medicine. We have established a 3D Printing Medical Application Center with with the Translational Medicine Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Chen Xinghai Hospital, specifically providing digital rehabilitation medical solutions for patients. Since the center officially started operating, we have integrated professional evaluation, data collection, design modification, post-printing processing, and accurate fitting, and developed more than ten types of orthopedic and rehabilitation products, accumulating a large number of successful cases. Now let's see what specific products we have.

3d printing solutions for orthotics


1、Scoliosis Brace

Compared with traditional manufacturing processes, the production steps using 3D scanning + laser sintering 3D printing technology are fewer, and can achieve rapid contactless molding. The finished product is small, lightweight, beautiful, breathable, and durable, making it more comfortable for teenagers to wear.

sls 3d printed scoliosis orthosis3d printing scoliosis orthosis process comparison


In August of last year, TPM3D was awarded as a 3D printing showcase of Scoliosis Orthosis application by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PR China.



2、Thoracolumber Support

For spine surgery patients throughout all ages, we have launched various thoracolumbar supports. In the case below, an 82-year-old retired teacher underwent spinal fracture surgery and needed to lie in bed for 6-8 weeks according to conservative treatment requirements. After wearing the SLS 3D printed support, the bedridden time was shortened to 3 weeks.

3d printed thoracolumber support the advantages of 3d printed thoracolumber support


3、Neck Support

For cervical surgery or other neck surgery, the center has developed and manufactured neck supports, which can open the incision position for easy dressing change, and can also be freely designed with hollowing out.

3d printed neck support


4、Ankle Orthosis

An ankle orthosis is a device used to control ankle movement, which can be used for fixing joints with arthritis, fracture injuries, and correcting ankle deformities. The limited number of orthosis models produced in batches cannot provide individualized services to achieve the best orthopedic effect. Although customized ankle orthoses solve the above problems, the traditional plaster orthosis has low efficiency in molding and production, high requirements for physician technical skills, a messy working environment, and limited fit, with a single appearance and poor breathability. SLS 3D printed ankle orthosis can greatly reduce the difficulty of producing individualized ankle orthosis, shorten the production time, and achieve the same or even better results as customized ankle orthosis, such as lightweight hollow design. At the same time, the excellent strength of nylon material can ensure the durability of the product.

3d printed ankle orthosis    the advantages of sls 3d printed ankle orthosis 

the user case of 3d printed ankle orthosis.  the user case of 3d printed ankle orthosis



5、Elbow Orthosis

Elbow orthosis is a rehabilitation aid that helps teenagers correct elbow internal and external rotation. It is produced using SLS 3D printing technology, with good orthopedic effects, and is more lightweight and breathable.

the effect after wear the 3d printed elbow orthosis


6、Wrist Support 

Similar to other rehabilitation supports, wrist supports can provide good fixation and protection for patients' wrists after surgery. In the case below, the patient ruptured his tendon while playing basketball and used a printed wrist support after surgery

3d printed wrist support model   the effect of wear the 3d printed wrist support


7、Hip Orthosis

The case below shows the customized hip support product developed by the center. The patient is a child under three years old who, after femoral midshaft fracture surgery, found it difficult to find suitable protective equipment on the market. The center designed and manufactured a customized hip support for him.

3d printed hip orthosis modela kid wear the 3d printed hip orthosis


8、Orthopedic Insole

Through plantar pressure testing and gait analysis, personalized orthopedic insoles can be printed for foot patients, relieving walking instability problems for cerebral palsy patients, diabetes patients, foot internal and external rotation, flat feet, and other groups, providing good foot support for patients and effectively improving lower limb alignment.

tpu printed orthopedic insole the advantages of 3d printed orthopedic insole


9、Rehabilitation Pillow

The pace of people's work and life is getting faster, and they often look down at their phones and computers, causing common neck muscle strain, forward neck bending, and stiff and painful neck and back. According to this situation, we have jointly developed a 3D printed lightweight air pillow with BASF, adopting topology optimization design, with high strength, good elasticity, and waterproof and antibacterial properties. It can scientifically and effectively support the user's head and neck, relieve neck muscle stiffness, improve sleep quality, and improve the user's neck physiological curve.

sls printed rehabilitation pillow by TPM3D



In addition to the above products, we also developed and manufactured knee orthoses, orthopedic postoperative fixation aids, and other digital rehabilitation medical products. In the future, we will continue to promote the application of laser sintering 3D printing technology in digital rehabilitation medical care.