SLS 3D printer used for PEEK developement in University

Publication time:2023-04-12 15:05:06

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK) are one of the most metal-like non-metal 3D printing materials, with many excellent characteristics including high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, insulation, flame retardant, low friction self-lubrication, biocompatibility, and high temperature sterilization. They are popular materials in high-end applications such as automobiles, military, aerospace, and medical fields. High-performance polymers have very strict requirements on molding temperature, require printing equipment to have very high temperature control and printing parameter control capabilities.

compare with the sls printed and fdm printed model

SLS printed peek(left) vs FDM printed peek(right)

TPM3D, a leading industrial-grade SLS laser sintering additive manufacturing equipment manufacturer in China, has conducted in-depth research on high-performance polymer printing and has launched the first SLS laser sintering equipment S320HT in China that can print PEEK materials. This equipment has passed the German Rhine TÜV CE certification and has been installed and operated by multiple domestic and international customers.


The Southern University of Science and Technology, is a representative user of TPM3D S320HT equipment. It is a national "Double First-Class" construction university, a national comprehensive reform experimental school for higher education, a high-level science and engineering university in Guangdong Province, and a high-level university in Guangdong Province. With S320HT’s platform, the research team has developed PEEK polymer materials and molding process, mainly focusing on medical implants, biological cultivation, and high-end manufacturing, achieving certain progress. The stable and controllable printing process can obtain high-performance parts, with high potential for industrial application conversion.

the Southern University of Science and Technology buy TPM3D S320HT for PEEK development

The University using S320HT develop PEEK material


TPM3D S320HT ‘s powder bed and molding cylinder can reach 350℃/300℃ respectively, and can print high-temperature materials such as PEEK/PEKK. With the molding cylinder size of 320×320×380mm, the system can use for new product , and small batch production of high-performance materials; The powder cylinder body and the high-temperature chamber are separated, we can add powder and parts at any time during the printing process without waiting for the next startup printing; S320HT also with  Extremely high material reuse rate:,adding 20% new powder to the recycled powder can achieve excellent performance (PA12).

TPM3D S320HT laser sintering producing system

TPM3D S320HT printing system

For scientific research users, a small ultra-high temperature equipment with a size of 150×150mm can also be customized to reduce the material and time cost. At the same time, the TPM3D team is accelerating the development of PEKK materials, which will provide users in industries such as aerospace, military, and automobiles with more and better high-performance material choices once officially launched.

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