New perspective | SLS 3D printing technology expands new applications

Publication time:2022-11-09 15:45:55

As we all know, SLS laser sintering 3D printing technology can produce various functional parts, including rapid prototype printing for various tests in the stage of product design and development, or direct production of small and medium-sized customized products for terminal use, in addition, it has made great efforts in the development and research of polymer materials. It is widely used in automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer electronics, education and other industries. But what we are going to talk about today is not the application of these industries, but to bring you a new perspective, BB air gun and modification kit.

The BB Airgun is a toy that has the appearance of a simulated firearm. Generally, non-lethal plastic bullets (BB bullets) can be fired by spring compressed air or pre-compressed gas. The expanding substance of the BB airgun is ordinary air, carbon dioxide, or some other gas. Before the BB gun is fired, the gas is compressed to increase its density, so as to obtain a higher pressure than the external environment. There are mainly two kinds of BB air guns: electric and inflatable.

automatic electric BB Air Gun

Automatic Electric BB Air Gun (AEG)


inflatable BB Gun (using Green Gas)


Inflatable BB Gun (using Green Gas)

Although BB air gun players are relatively small, most of them attach great importance to product quality and technical strength, and have higher requirements for products, and are more willing to invest in the product itself and its surroundings. In fact, 3D printing technology has become more popular among BB air gun players who prefer DIY. Players have more or less been exposed to 3D printing, or they are users of 3D printing technology themselves. But at present, most of them use desktop-level FDM equipment or resin curing technology such as outgoing printing (DLP), but the strength of the parts is weak. The application is relatively less), using PLA or ABS and other materials to print some customized modified parts, in general, the desktop FDM printer is relatively flexible for personal use, but its printing speed is slow, the strength of the parts has obvious anisotropy, it will be more fragile in the Z axis direction, and the surface layer is obvious. It needs to be sanded and painted for better results. If it is a high-end customized product or a small batch production of these modified kits, the printing quality and production efficiency of FDM are not suitable. An overseas high-end customized BB gun model modification kit and protective equipment brand hopes to use SLS 3D printing technology to mass-produce products for terminal use.

some samples of BB Air Gun


Some of their products

TPM3D printed the carbine expansion kit of a pneumatic BB pistol designed and developed by the brand. By assembling the modular kit, the AAP01 pneumatic BB pistol can be converted into a carbine, and can be adapted to the sight, or other components to achieve more uses.

carbine extension kit for a kind of BB air gun

Carbine Extension Kit for this brand

We mainly printed the main part of the kit, the trigger guard, the gun stock and the gun stock slide. The printing material is Precimid1172Pro BLK, a grey-black nylon 12 material, which has good mechanical strength and temperature resistance. The printing reuse rate can reach 80%. It can accurately and cheaply manufacture customized parts.

sls printed BB Air Gun parts by TPM3D


SLS printed parts

We used the P360 which is an industrial SLS 3D printing equipment with high printing quality, fast speed, stable performance and cost-efficiency performance. Its build chamber size is 360 * 360 * 600 mm. It can print nylon and its composites including PA11, PA12, PA6X, as well as polymer materials such as PP TPU. In terms of efficiency, P360 can produce more than 100 pieces (20 sets) of products at one time to meet the efficiency requirements of small batch production.

TPM3D P360 cleaning production solutions and mass production kit placment

P360 Cleaning Production Solutions and Mass Production Kit Placement


After printing and measurement, the error of each part of the kit is kept within ± 0.2mm, and the accuracy of all the installation holes and most of the sizes is within ± 0.1mm. In addition, the overall effect of the surface of the parts is better, and the layer lines are not obvious, showing excellent printing quality.

resemble the BB Air Gun parts printed by SLS printing

Display of individual and overall assembly effect