3D Printed Shoes: Not That Far from You!

Publication time:2019-06-03 09:59:38

      In shoe-making industry, 3D printing is advantageous in many aspects with various technical features.

      Apart from sneaker leaders such as Adidas which combines with 3D printing technology, domestic sports brand Peak also released its first 3D printed track shoes, which is also the first SLS 3D printed track shoes in China. 3D technology can be adopted to quickly/directly transfer the designer’s ideas into mould automatically and accurately. Besides, in combination with the technical features and advantages of TPU material, including abrasion resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, good elasticity, shock absorption, safety, no toxicity and environmental friendliness, product can be directly printed out with omission of the tedious processes of lathe/drill/punching machine/moulding machine and other traditional craft. Moreover, it breaks the awkward situation of Nike dominating air cushion shoes field, playing a significant role in achieving commercialized landing of air cushion shoes field.

3d printed shose

        Meanwhile, Nike introduced its own 3D printed track shoes - Flyprint technology a few days ago, launched the brand-new Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite Flyprint concept sneakers through cooperation with the Marathon gold medal winner of Rio Olympic Games, and applied 3D printing technology in shoe surface to reduce the weight, increase the ventilation and endow more extensibility to sneakers.

      Despite of the fact that the 3D printed shoes of dominant international brands rest upon the scientific and market experiment stage, its advantages in shoe-making industry is more and more remarkable.

     TPM3D has also researched and developed a variety of nylon powder and TPU powder, which can print shoe soles featuring flexibility, strong shock absorption and ventilation. TPM3D hopes to get engaged in the application and development of footwear industry together with peers both in and abroad, for boosting the mass production of 3D printed shoes in the whole industry.