TPM3D Recruitment Of Overseas Reseller In 2020

Publication time:2019-12-11 11:15:11

TPM3D recruit reseller worldwide

About TPM3D

TPM3D team has been engaged in the 3D printing industry since 1999. From 2004, TPM3D has been committed to R & D and application of selective laser sintering (SLS) rapid prototyping process, and launched the first industrial SLS additive manufacturing system in China in 2007. In 2014, with investment from Stratasys Direct Inc., a global additive manufacturing industry giant, TPM3D established a joint venture in Shanghai which is engaging in promoting the upgrading and technical innovation of SLS additive manufacturing system, and became the first SLS additive equipment manufacturer with TUV's CE certification in China. 

In 2018, to seize the opportunities in the domestic market quickly and take the development advantages of its self-owned brand, TPM3D founder repurchased all shares from Stratasys, and changed its name to Shanghai TPM3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd. officially in early 2019 to revitalize the Chinese 3D printing brand "TPM 3D"​.

Over years of development, TPM 3D has developed the series S and P SLS additive manufacturing system and series Precimid reusable powder based on requirements of application in different industries and accumulated more than 30 national patents, so as to provide a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly “3D printing intelligent manufacturing solution” for customers in all fields like education, automobile, military, medical and industry.

TPM3D history

Branches and Business Divisions

With headquarters in Baoshan District, Shanghai, TPM3D has an R&D and production base in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, with a Beijing branch for business development and operations in North China. Since independent operations commenced in 2018, TPM3D has witnessed rapid business expansion, establishing a strong team of technical, commerical  and after-sales service. Considering laser-sintered 3D printing equipment, we have not only signed contracts with a number of domestic leading enterprises in industries such as prototypes, electric tools, household appliances and automobiles, but have successfully exported our products to  North America, Europe, Oceania and Asia regions.
In accordance with business strategy, we sincerely invite you to join our reseller system to jointly explore and develop infinite business opportunities.

Reseller Requirements

● Enterprise qualifications:equipped with ,formal enterprise qualifications, legal business licenses and independent legal representatives. Recognize our brand, and be willing to work with us to promote the wide application of SLS 3D printing technology in industrial and educational fields such as medicare, automobiles, CE and aerospace;

● Professional teams:equipped with professional sales teams, familiar with the 3D printing industry and have experience in 3D printing equipment sales. Resellers highly experienced in selling additive manufacturing systems and other products are preferred.

customer resources, and offer customers professional technical counseling and comprehensive systematic SLS 3D printing solutions.

● Capacity for After-sales service: equipped with standardized customer service systems and professional after-sales service engineers, quickly respond to customer needs, and offer customers efficient, speedy and outstanding after-sales services.

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