TPM3D 2019 TCT| TPM3D Releases High-Performance Large SLS Equipment S600DL

Publication time:2019-02-23 10:17:46

   On February 21, 2019, the annual TCT Asia officially kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. TPM3D participated in the event with brand-new brand image as well as multiple new products.

TPM3D launched S600DL SLS printer

   The high-performance large SLS equipment S600DL is featured with dual lasers, dual oscillating mirrors, dual-mode scanning and powder-for-heating functions as well as 72 technical improvements, which greatly improve the printing efficiency. It can be applied in the fields of automobile, aviation, medical care and spare parts to meet the requirements of customization, mass production, integrated molding, big orthoses and large-size revolving bodies in the automobile/aviation industries. The high-performance S600DL supports the following printing materials: Precimid1172ProGF30 BLK, glass reinforced nylon Precimid1172Pro Precimid1171ProAF40 and aluminum alloy reinforced nylon. 

     TPM3D pointed out that the bending strength of new carbon fiber reinforced material Precimid1171ProCF15 BLK can reach 6000 MPa, which is perfect for the environments of high mechanical requirements such as vehicles, drones and military. Among the engineering plastics, nylon 6 and other materials have accounted for 60% of the market. Due to wide temperature range and better resistance to impact and solubility, PA6 has become the mainstream SLS printing material. 


     PA6 has been widely used in multiple fields including transportation, machinery industry and electronics. In addition, since the equilibrium water absorption of traditional PA6 powder is higher than 3.5%, dehumidification is needed before use. However, new PA6X BLK and PA6X Ultra BLK are free of dehumidification with heat and distortion resistance, high stability and molding technology similar to PA12.