TPM3D and UnionTech Officially Launch Joint Strategic Cooperation

Publication time:2019-02-22 10:48:28

        On February 21, 2019, TPM Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai UnionTech Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Based on mutual trust and demands of strategic development, the two parties decided to strengthen alliance and set up strategic partnership for mutual complementation and joint development of prototype market in China.

TPM3D sign the contract

      According to the agreement, UnionTech will act as the agent of TPM3D nylon laser-sintered equipment to expand the prototype market in South China and East China. The UnionTech will help TPM3D quickly increase sales and market share based on its extensive channel resources and customer resources. TPM3D will correspondingly assist the UnionTech to explore the Chinese market with its new technology, services and product competitiveness.

UnionTech made the speech

      In addition, TPM3D will introduce EPM smart system from the UnionTech to accelerate the process of standardized production, reduce management costs, increase scale efficiency and improve smart production, so as to further promote the implementation of standardized management in small and medium factories as well as distributed manufacturing of cross-regional and multinational companies.

TPM3D introduced EPM smart system