TPM 3D awarded as 3D printing showcase of Scolisis Othosis application

Publication time:2022-08-18 10:53:00


On August 2nd, 2022, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China released the first batch of "Typical Application Scenarios of Additive Manufacturing" list, which divided 36 representative additive manufacturing applications into multiple fields. In the "Personalized Corrective Appliance Printing" scenario in the medical field, Shanghai TPM 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd. was listed on the list with the application of "Batch Customized Production of Scoliosis Correction Devices", becoming one of the first 3D printing equipment manufacturers and service providers to enter the list nationwide.

In recent years, 3D printing, as a digital technology, has advantages such as precision, customization, flexibility, and speed, which are in line with the advanced concepts of "precision medicine" and "digital medicine". It has been widely used in the medical field. Especially in the application scenarios of orthotics and rehabilitation aids, the customized spine scoliosis correctors printed by SLS laser sintering technology have begun to be chosen by more and more patients.

Traditional orthotics are usually produced by casting, trimming, thermoplastic attachment, cutting, polishing, and installing inner lining and straps. The entire process is relatively cumbersome, and the casting process requires the participation of patients throughout, resulting in a poor patient experience and low production efficiency. In addition, traditional orthotics are large in size and difficult to conceal, which greatly affects the normal learning and living of adolescents.

Compared with traditional production processes, TPM3D uses 3D scanning technology and professional software to design accurate customized orthotic models for each patient. Then, using TPM3D‘s industrial-grade SLS nylon powder 3D printing equipment, these orthotics are produced in batches. Finally, after chemical vapor smoothing treatment, the finished products have smooth and beautiful surfaces, excellent toughness, and are waterproof and antibacterial, which can meet the needs of patients wearing them for long periods. At the same time, the entire production process has also been greatly simplified.

The SLS 3D printing spine scoliosis corrector has the same therapeutic effect as traditional thermoplastic plates, while improving production efficiency. The application of this technology makes the application scenario of "Batch Customized Production of Scoliosis Correction Devices" a reality, while improving the patient's casting and treatment experience. The orthotics produced are lighter, more beautiful, more fitting, and easy to hide, minimizing the impact on the daily life of adolescents.