Fearless to Covid-19 | TPM3D Team Year-end Sprint, Serve Customers in Front Line

Publication time:2022-12-29 16:51:19

With the gradually open attitude to Covid-19, more and more colleagues were infected with Covid-19. However, TPM3D teams were not afraid of Covid-19, overcame various difficulties, strived for the year-end performance, and insisted on serving customers in the front line during such a severe pandemic and the critical time of year-end sprint.



Performance Sprint

Even though more than half of colleagues have been infected with Covid-19, TPM3D sales team, no matter who worked from home or was able to visit customers, did not pause the pace but kept racing against time to forge ahead toward the goal.

You reap what you sow. TPM3D sales team, seizing the tail of 2022, got the orders continually with their great efforts, especially the large size machines are popular among the customers. In the last two weeks of December, TPM3D received the bid-winning notice of the public bidding for laser sintering (SLS) additive manufacturing machine from three different colleges and universities, which are Academy of Art & Design Tsinghua University, South China University of Technology, and Shijiazhuang Tiedao University. TPM3D SLS additive manufacturing systems are applicated in the education industry furtherly.

some educational customer of TPM3D


Serve in the front line

Sale is not the termination but the beginning of our service. At the end of this year, not only our sales team strived for performance, but also our after-sales team stuck to the front line to help customers solve problems.

In the past 3 years, the economy has declined due to the impact of the pandemic, but TPM3D orders have kept stable increasing from home and abroad owing to the trust and support by customers with TPM3D’s excellent technology, and serious and responsible service attitude. TPM3D after-sales service team overcame the impact of Covid-19, and was divided into the domestic and oversea team to visit the customers’ site for the machine installation and test, ensuring customers can put into R&D and production with TPM3D printers. Here below are the onsite installation pictures:

domestic customer of TPM3D

overseas customers of TPM3D


2022 is about to pass, we will keep the enthusiasm and passion for the 3D printing business, and move to 2023 full of bright hope to create a brighter future!

TPM3D team