D53|TPM3D is waiting for you in Shenzhen (TCT Asia 2022)

Publication time:2022-11-08 16:52:10


TCT Asia 2022 Shenzhen Exhibition will restart tomorrow! Although we have experienced postponement, the change of venue, temporary suspension and resumption, we still have not given up. Tomorrow, TPM3D will meet you in Booth D53.

TPM3D@TCTAsia 2022


There are several functional areas in TPM3D’s booth, including equipment display area, sample display area, video display area and rest area. Visitors can get a comprehensive understanding of TPM3D’s culture and the SLS printing products from different dimensions.


Industrial Laser Sintering Additive Manufacturing System

With the accelerated growth of polymer powder 3D printing market and market demand, higher requirements are put forward for forming size and printing efficiency. In response to this, TPM3D has launched two large-size dual-laser SLS 3D printing machines – P550DL and S600DL, which have been installed and delivered to many customers at home and abroad. TPM3D dual-laser series is different from most of the similar machines developed in the market based on extended format, and pays more attention to improving the quality and efficiency of production. It has a wider overlap area of dual laser scanning, and adopts intelligent cooperative scanning mode to give two lasers a reasonable division of work, which can effectively avoid the concentration of vulnerable points in printed parts, ensure printing quality, and improve production efficiency.



P550DL large scale sls printing system

P550DL belongs to TPM3D Performance series. The size of the build chamber reaches 550 × 550 × 850mm. It can print all kinds of large-size parts, or produce small and medium-sized parts in batches. The machine adopts two sets of 140 W ceramic core CO2 laser, which has stable performance and longer service life, and two sets of high-performance dynamic focusing scanning system with a maximum scanning speed of 22m/s and high production efficiency. There is a built-in nitrogen generator to save the cost of purchasing an external nitrogen generator. In addition, P550DL also has TPM3D active cooling patented technology, entering into cooling stage faster after printing process, cooling efficiency is higher, and also extend the service life of powder, old powder can truly achieve unlimited recycling. With large forming size, high production efficiency and high cost-efficiency, P550DL focuses on users in automotive, service bureau, medical and other industries to meet their ultimate pursuit of quality and efficiency. It can be said that P550DL is the most cost-effective large-format dual-laser SLS additive manufacturing equipment on the market.



S600DL double laser sls printing system from TPM3D

S600DL is a large-size dual laser system built by TPM3D in accordance with the highest safety standards of the European Union, which belongs to the Superior series of TPM3D The build chamber size of S600DL is 600 × 600 × 800 mm, with a volume of 288L, which is the largest in the same kind of SLS equipment at present, and the XYZ direction is more balanced. Compared with P550DL, this equipment not only has larger forming size and higher efficiency, but also adopts electromechanical separation and modular design. It has passed the TUV CE certification. The safety level of the equipment has reached Pl-e to high level. It is also equipped with oxygen concentration detection and smoke filtration module, which is stable, safe and reliable. With excellent leading performance and stable and efficient production capacity, S600DL helps users in automotive, aerospace, military, medical and other industries to create more value. This equipment has been well received by foreign industrial users in the past year, which has promoted the process of large-scale production of SLS printing technology.


P360 + PPS Cleaning Production Solution

P360 cleaning sls producing system

TPM3D P360 clean production solution will be displayed on the spot. With integrated control system, small footprint and excellent comprehensive performance, P360 is a high cost-effective industrial additive manufacturing system. This machine takes into account both the forming size and production efficiency. The print size is 350 × 350 × 590mm, which is very suitable for users in automobile, electrical appliances, service bureau and other industries.


PPS is a clean production solution developed by TPM3D Science and Technology Team for three years, which can greatly reduce the leakage of powder in the process of laser sintering powder additive manufacturing, and make parts cleaning and powder treatment easier and more efficient. It can be used with TPM3D laser sintering system, which not only realizes the clean production mode, but also retains the original working mode of manual powder addition, and can flexibly replace printing materials.



Rich Exhibits


At the exhibition site, we will display a variety of samples, including samples of different materials, different sizes, different application fields and different post-processing. Many new industrial parts and medical rehabilitation samples will be shared with you as well. If you don't want to miss them, remember to come to our booth and live broadcast room, and pay attention to our exhibition dynamics!

nice sls printing samples


Live communication


At 10:30 am, TPM3D will have two live broadcasts on the booth to introduce TPM3D SLS printing machines and share the application of SLS printing technology. Visitors on the spot please move to our booth D53 or pay attention to our live broadcast if you cannot show up.