TPM3D and EVONIK United in Developing New Printing material

Publication time:2022-09-21 11:27:07

In August 24th, TPM3D achieved the intention of strategic cooperation with EVONIK and held the signing ceremony successfully.

TPM3D with Evolink


EVONIK is the world’s leading specialty chemical company. The main markets what EVONIK high-performance polymer business division serves include but not limited to oil and gas, automobile, aviation, consumer goods, gas separation, medical, additive manufacturing, etc. Among these services, EVONIK manufactures and develops specialty polymer materials for 3D printing industry, becoming one of the world’s leading 3D printing powders raw materials suppliers, with abundant experience in the application of additive manufacturing.

Evonik logo

TPM3D team, founded in 1999, is the professional technical company who is early to enter 3D printing business in China, focus on the R&D of selective laser sintering prototyping process. With more than 20 years’ experience accumulation, TPM3D has successfully launched 10 types of SLS printing systems including S series and P series, and more than 30 kinds of polymer materials for SLS printing, including PA6, PA11, PA12, TPU, PP, PEEK, etc., which are widely used in automobile, consumer electronic, medical, education, aviation and other field.

TPM3D sls printer group

Through this cooperation, TPM3D will take full advantage and experience in laser sintering additive manufacturing. Meanwhile, EVONIK will show its advantage in materials development. TPM3D will develop new laser sintering polymer 3D printing materials joined with EVONIK to explore more applications in manufacture field.