PPS Lift Trolley Open Breakout Unit Powder Mixer(75 Litre) Dust Collecting Tank
Equipment Introduction

All steps, such as laser sintering powder additive manufacturing, component unpacking, powder filtration, mixing, conveying and dust collectionare finished in different kinds of equipment. The transfer of powder among different kinds of equipment possibly causes leakage and needs a lot of energy and time of operators. Although operators can operate the equipment and treat the powder skillfully, the treatment of powder in SLS additive manufacturing needs both skill and physical strength. The Parts & Powder  Processing Station (PPS) researched and developed by TPM3D team for 3 years completely eliminates the impact of powder leakage on the environment and makes the part cleaning and powder treatment easy. Users can save time and efficiently finish mass production tasks. The combination of PPS and TPM3D S serials laser sintering system can realize the clean production mode and can retain the traditional manual powder feeding mode. The printing materials can be easily replaced if necessary.

Volume mm 2250(wide)X1610(deep)X2050(hight)
Weight kg 500
Powder feeding rate kg/h 50
Maximum power Kw 4
Intake pressure MPa ≥0.5
Air flow requirements 1/min ≥200
Dust explosion-proof grade GB3836/GB12476 Dust explosion-proof Zone 22
Working noise db ≤70
Power requirements   380V,three phase four wire,6A
Connect Printing Unit Set 1or 2