P550DL P360
SLS 3D Printer/TPM3D P550DL



Items Specification
Build chamber size X x Y x  Z  (mm) 550 x 550 x 850
Effective space size X x Y x  Z  (mm) 540 x 540 x 840
CO2 laser power (w) 140 x 2 Double Laser
Focusing 3-axis, dynamic focusing
Building speed(mm/h) 10 ~ 25
Layer thickness(mm) 0.06 ~ 0.2 Adjustable,Recommended Values 0.12
Diameter of laser beam(mm) 0.4
Maximum scanning speed(mm/s) 22,000
Dimension of main machine x D x  H(m) 1.85 x1.49 x2.32
Control unit W x D x  H(m) Integrated Control Unit
Weight of main machine(kg) 1600
Maximum operating temperature(℃) 230 / 160
Active cooling yes
Thermal management of control cabinet Room temperature air cooling
Lifting trolley Manual
Options for color of SLS parts White, black or other colors
Data format STL
Electrical protection PL-e Dual-channel security control
Powder feeding type Powder discharged  upside, powder fed both sides
Powder recoater Single blade
Nitrogen generator Integration
Power 380V、3P/N/PE、32A、50/60Hz、Avg 4KW