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SLS 3D Printer/TPM3D S480



Items Specification
Build chamber size X x Y x  Z  (mm) 480 x 480 x 600
Effective space size X x Y x  Z  (mm) 470 x 470 x 590
CO2 laser power (w) 100
Focusing 3-axis, dynamic focusing
Building speed (mm/h) 10 ~ 25
Layer thickness(mm) 0.06 ~ 0.2 Adjustable,Recommended Values 0.12
Diameter of laser beam(mm) 0.31
Maximum scanning speed(mm/s) 21,000
Dimension of main machine x D x  H(m) 1.56 x1.40 x2.05
Dimension of control unit W x D x  H(m) 0.60 x1.06 x 1.92
Weight of main machine(kg) 1450
Maximum operating temperature(℃) 230 / 160
Active cooling yes
Thermal management of control cabinet Chiller
Lifting trolley Manual
Oxygen detector yes
Options for color of SLS parts White, black or other colors
OS/data processing software Windows 10.0 / Voxeldance Additive-TPM3D Version
Data format STL
Electrical protection PL-e Dual-channel security control
Powder feeding type Powder discharged  upside, powder fed both sides
Powder recoater Single blade
Nitrogen generator Integration
Power 380V、3P/N/PE、32A、50/60Hz、Avg 3KW