Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), SLS process is similar to stereolithography apparatus (SLA), but SLS usually adopts infrared laser beam, and the material also turns into powder granular material from photosensitive resin material.
SLS process has many molding materials is easy to support, including variouspowder materials with different mechanical properties and various nylon mixed materials. Such as aluminum powder and nylon mixed materials suitable for moulds, carbon fiber and nylon mixed materials with extremely light weight and strong mechanical properties, various plastic mixed materials and ceramic materials, etc. Theoretically, any fusible powder can be used to manufacture products or models, so the choice of powder materials is one of the main advantages of SLS technology.
The printing speed is fast and can print any complicated structure;
High reusability, which is usually 80% (our company optimizes the process optimization, making the reusability of materials can reach more than 85%)


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