What affects the speed of SLS 3D printing?

Publication time:2023-03-29 16:11:07
Selective laser sintering (SLS) technology  use  powder laying device to lay a layer of powder material on the powder bed, and the temperature of the powder bed is heated to a specific temperature in the way of infrared radiation, and then the laser beam scans on the powder according to the section profile of the layer of parts, so that the powder temperature in the laser scanning area quickly rises to the melting point to achieve the purpose of sintering. And the laser penetrates through the current layer to fuse with the formed part below. When a layer of cross section sintering is completed, the thickness of a layer is lowered under the workbench, and the laying device is again laid on a layer of uniform dense powder, laser sintering of a new layer of cross section, so the cycle is repeated until the whole part is completed layer by layer sintering
Generally speaking, the speed of SLS 3D printing is affected by scanning speed, molding cylinder size and printing material. Regardless of material properties, the higher the power of the laser, the higher the scanning speed, the more lasers, the faster the scanning speed, and thus the faster the printing speed.
For printing product, in addition to considering the power and number of laser, but also consider the size of the molding cylinder, the larger the molding cylinder, the more the number of single printing parts, the faster the printing speed.
Recently, TPM3D has tow dual-laser printing devices-P550DL & S600DL. P550DL's molding cylinder size up to 550*550*850mm, can be integrated molding large size parts or mass production of small and medium-size parts. The equipment adopts 2 sets of 140W co2 laser; with 2 sets of high-performance dynamic focusing scanning system, the highest scanning speed can reach 22m/s; also built-in nitrogen machine. In addition, P550DL has active cooling patent technology.
TPM3D P550DL clean producing system
S600DL is another large size dual laser sls 3d printing system in accordance with the highest safety standards of the European Union. Its forming cylinder size is 600*600*800mm and the volume is 288L, which is the largest in the SLS industrial. Moreover, XYZ is more balanced in all directions. Compared with P550DL, this device not only has larger molding volume and higher effiiciency, but also adopts mechanical and electrical separation and modularized design, pass the CE certification of TUV Rhein Germany. With the stable, safe and reliable performance, it can help users to create more value.
TPM3D S600DL clean producing system