Together with TPM3D, ACHWISDOM deepens SLS Industry Applications

Publication time:2023-10-12 16:21:36

Since 2021, the proportion of polymer powder materials in the global 3D printing material market has surpassed photosensitive resin for the first time (source: Wohlers Report), and nylon has gradually become the most profitable material category among printing service providers.


At the same time, in terms of applications, we can also see that among all application categories of 3D printed models, the proportion of end-use parts ranks first (34%), surpassing the use of functional prototypes (24%), indicating that the market and users' expectations for 3D printed models are no longer limited to design verification, but to be directly used as final products.


The above data indicate the current trend in the 3D printing industry - 3D printing technologies that can mass-produce final products will experience rapid development. Especially SLS 3D printing technology, which is currently the most suitable for mass-producing non-metallic products, is rapidly growing and expanding its proportion in the printing service industry. More and more prototyping manufacturers are investing in SLS equipment, incorporating nylon printing services into their business scope.


As early as 2016, ACHWISDOM cooperated with TPM3D to procure SLS equipment for printing services. With the continuous maturity of technology and the continuous rise in market demand in recent years, ACHWISDOM has regarded SLS technology as a new growth point and breakthrough in its business, and deepened the cooperation with TPM3D by investing in multiple industrial-grade SLS systems, including 4 TPM3D P360 and 2 all-in-one part powder full performance processing workstations PPS.



ACHWISDOM, as a high-tech service-oriented enterprise, proposes the concept of "on-demand manufacturing" and is committed to providing digital on-demand manufacturing solutions from concept to product for domestic and foreign customers, meeting their low-cost validation and "develop-measure-know" feedback cycle, and achieving the minimum viable product's market promotion demand. At the same time, it combines traditional manufacturing with additive manufacturing, with services covering 3D scanning, 3D printing, machining, sheet metal production, mold manufacturing, etc.



ACHWISDOM focuses on product quality and application development. It has provided over a million products/parts, serving industries including automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical, education, etc. It has established long-term cooperation relationships with many well-known domestic and foreign companies and institutions, such as Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Bosch, Honeywell, Magna, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China University of Mining and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. The following showcases some excellent products printed by ACHWISDOM.


These nylon parts showcased were all produced by the 4 TPM3D P360 of ACHWISDOM and possess excellent accuracy, strength, and surface quality. The forming cylinder size of P360 is 360×360×600mm, equipped with imported high-performance CO2 laser, with a printing layer thickness of 0.06-0.3mm, taking both molding accuracy and production efficiency into consideration. It adopts an integrated control system with a smaller footprint, excellent safety, and stability. It is a cost-effective additive manufacturing system with excellent comprehensive performance.


For part cleaning and powder recycling management, ACHWISDOM has equipped these 4 P360 with 2 sets of TPM3D all-in-one part powder full performance processing workstations PPS, which can provide part cleaning, powder mixing, and automatic online powder supply for 2 P360 simultaneously. It can effectively suppress the dust generated during the part cleaning process, with a high degree of intelligent automation, helping users improve processing efficiency and reduce labor input.


In addition to printing, ACHWISDOM also provides professional post-processing services, including polishing, assembly, painting, electroplating, etc., to supply users with high-quality products.