TIW of University of Texas Introduced SLS 3D Printing Equipment from TPM3D!

Publication time:2019-05-05 16:29:09

  An interesting thing happened in University of Texas at Austin in March 2019. The SLS 3D printing equipment of TPM 3D was introduced and well installed for the initial stage of student project center in the Texas Invention Works (TIW). Why is this considered interesting? The hotshots in 3D printing field may have got it (rookies please see here: SLS process, i.g.selective laser sintering, was successfully researched by C.R.Deckard in 1989, who is right from University of Texas at Austin), the place where SLS process was inventor came a long way to China for introducing a SLS 3D printing equipment to support the printing project of University of Texas at Austin.

TPM3D FOUNDER TEAM in the University of Texas at Austin

  Roger F. Rose, who is in charge of the project center, humorously stated, “University of Texas at Austin is the place where SLS technology was invented. However, we turn to select TPM3D from numerous SLS 3D printing equipment suppliers to support us in printing.”


  The TPM3D printing equipment introduced in University of Texas at Austin this time is mainly about to be used for supporting the projects of student lab center, helping students to achieve more printing creativity and realizing more printing works. Meanwhile, the TPM3D equipment could also assist the academic research and technical R&D of TIW Student Project Center.


  Eric.Ho, CTO of TPM3D (Mr. Mcdreamy of the editor) expresses his sincere thanks to the recognition of Roger F. Rose on one hand, and on the other hand, he also thinks that this is a thing well worth being proud of. TPM3D Technical Team has been engaged in industrial-grade 3D printing business since 1999. It has always been taking product and R&D as its core of development during the past 2 decades, and providing services to more and more colleges and enterprises from both home and abroad by continuous studying and innovating in R&D and production process of laser sintering additive manufacturing. Eric believes that: in trend of the boosted development of 3D printing industry around the world, TPM3D strives to provide services to broader industrial fields and more ordinary households by its outstanding techniques, thus to bring the convenience brought by science and technology to the public -- Let science and technology change our life and make life better.