SLS Printers will introduced into SME and individual households

Publication time:2024-01-24 15:37:46

Recently, the leading Chinese 3D printing media "Antabear 3D Printing" is conducting interviews with key figures in the Chinese 3D printing industry. Among them, Lucy, CEO of TPM 3D, shared several insights on the trends in the SLS printing market.

Lucy Zhai_CEO of TPM3D


According to the Wholers report, starting from 2021, polymer have surpassed photopolymer to become the most widely used 3D printing materials. It is expected that in the next five years, 3D printing will continue to grow in small batch manufacturing and final product applications. The global high molecular powder bed technology is experiencing rapid growth , with polymer remaining mainstream. Powder bed technology will demonstrate its capabilities in the mass production market of consumer goods. The usage of high molecular powder materials, especially nylon powder.


Furthermore, as the application of mass production expands, the cost of using powder bed technology will significantly decrease. In addition to the reduction in equipment and material costs, intelligent production line equipment that enables automated production will emerge. Low-cost consumer-grade SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) printing devices will also gradually enter the application scenarios of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals.


In 2023, TPM3D has achieved the expected sales targets, with a particularly noticeable growth in the overseas market. In 2024, TPM 3D will further expand its overseas presence, while also investing in capacity expansion and intensifying research and development efforts, entering a phase of rapid development.

TPM3D’s Factory


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