2024 TPM3D Recruitment Plan

Publication time:2024-02-01 14:43:20

Due to the rapid development of the company, now TPM3D needs to recruit like-minded friends to work with us, explore the SLS printing market, and create a bright future together!


We are looking for the following positions:

Overseas Business Department

n  Sales Engineer

n  Application Engineer

n  Marketing Specialist

n  Service Engineer

Domestic (China) Business

n  R&D Director

n  Design Engineer

n  Production Manager

n  Installation Engineer

n  Service Engineer

n  Printing Process Engineer

n  Administration Staffs


Please send your CV to:





About TPM3D

TPM3D is a Leading manufacturer specialize in Industrial SLS 3D Printing Technology, with more than 20 years, TPM3D integrates R&D,manufacturing, sales, marketing and can provide customized product design and professional 3D printing service.

Recently we have successfully launched S series, P series and E series industrial SLS 3D printing systems along with high performance polymer powders, served users from the fields of automotive, medica, electronics, consumer good, education & creative, and aerospace both at home and abroad.


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